"…a triple decker, violently purple bus"
The Newsroom - Season 2 - Opening Theme


Ron Weasley + Bloody Hell!

All my life, I seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. My grandpa, Stanley Yelnats the second, says it’s all because of this 150 year old curse. Now, I don’t really believe in the family curse but when things go wrong, it kinda helps if you can blame it on something. And for me, things went wrong a lot. Grandpa says our destiny is sealed. Could a pair of shoes falling from the sky really be my destiny? - Holes (2003)


The power of Harry Potter - Fans entering Diagon Alley (Orlando, FL)


I’m trying to figure out what else could convince y’all to watch this but seriously guys.

Happy 35th birthday, Hermione Jean Granger (19/09/1979)

this isn’t freedom.  t h i s  i s  f e a r .