the butterfly flew into the light and now the room smells of burnt insect

this is traumatic.

there’s a butterfly in my room

i have not been trained for this

christinesmcvie replied to your post: in the very unlikely event that anyone…

i notice/care. i hope you’ll be back/they’ll be doing well very soon ♥

thanks, me too. I am not a natural caregiver and am fairly useless, but i’m the closest thing to a real adult that they have until my parents return from france.

in the very unlikely event that anyone cares or notices, i will be gone for the forseeable future as i have to take care of my grandmother who has just had a knee replacement and my granda who has something wrong with his heart

Olivia Wilde - Maxim Hot 100 2014


If i loved Natasha Romanoff any more, I’d be Bucky Barnes 

peace was never an option

It’s not like I always stay in the six-yard box. I always position myself to be able to help out my back four and to clear through balls. That’s the way I play. It’s important that the defence know I’m there. It’s a matter of trust and those sorts of things have become second nature to me and the defenders. - Manuel Neuer

"We found out about the baby after he proposed to me, but even if it happened before that, things wouldn’t be any different." -Jelena Ristic


New photos from Avengers: Age of Ultron (x)